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When We Were Kids We Swore We Would Never Die

November 12, 2016 Author: Alicia Robinson

Hi, friends. I hope you are doing well, I've missed you since my last post - I apologize for the delay and thank all my new subscribers, things have been busy on the product side but none of that would be possible without you! I have some announcements (...)

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Special Feature! Meet Photography Business Owner Laura Norman!

November 03, 2016 Author: Alicia Robinson

Hi, Friends! From time to time you've seen special features/interviews from people in the industry, I am SO excited to share friend and photography business owner Laura Norman with you. Laura has been a dear friend of mine for years whom I've also hired (...)

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Updates From Feast On Fashion!

October 31, 2016 Author: Alicia Robinson

Hi, Dolls! I hope this post finds you well. I wanted to provide you some updates with everything going on at Feast On Fashion as things have been a little chaotic (all in a good way :D). This will be short and sweet as I have a few bigger posts in the (...)

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Have A Dream? Here's Where To Start Building

October 17, 2016 Author: Alicia Robinson

Hey, Dreamers! Let's talk about your dreams and where to start building them. Want to hear how simple it is? Just.do.something. Let me break it down for you. When I started Feast On Fashion one year ago this month (yippee!!) I was a girl at the (...)

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9 Hottest Trends For Fall 2016

October 12, 2016 Author: Alicia Robinson

Hi, love bugs! We'll keep this post short and sweet this time, let's check out the 9 hottest trends for fall 2016. Some of these trends may be coming to you in the Feast On Fashion shop so check back there frequently! Make sure you're subscribed to Feast (...)

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Meet Alicia, Founder of Feast on Fashion Hi! I'm Alicia—a free spirited lady boss by day and a full-time promoter of celebrating those that are not followers. I created Boss Gal to provide an outlet for the dreamers, doers and everything in between to call home. This community was created for you, to empower you to come as you are. Here, you’ll find work, personal branding ,fashion and beauty tips to help make your life more fabulous because fashion is a way of life—your way of life, the expression of who you are. You're always welcome here to live and breathe all the colors of the rainbow and then some. We’re going to change the world together.

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. — Marilyn Monroe

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